When you have a large oil tank in your deep fryer and require oil temperatures to stay consistent, our PLATECOIL® Heat Exchanger Bank can maintain gentle heat transfer to prevent the oil from burning or forming hot spots within your fryer. This allows your oil to last longer and produces better quality products.
The electropolished PLATECOIL® units with sealed edges are used in processes involving food where cleanability is critical. Several of these deep fryers allow for our PLATECOIL® Heat Exchanger banks to be raised out of the fryer for ease of cleaning and inspections. And with our PLATECOILS® placed vertically in our heat exchanger banks, debris from the food being fried won’t settle in the heat exchanger.
Our PLATECOIL® Heat Exchanger Banks can be used in many food industry applications; commercial deep fryers for doughnuts, fish, chicken, potato chips or any precooked fried food is just one area where the quality of our product assists with the quality of another company’s products.
We offer proven engineered solutions for new or refurbished commercial deep-frying equipment.

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