Green Energy

Platecoils® make excellent green energy heat exchangers — your practical choice for renewable energy service. With temperature approaches in the 1–2°F range, plate HEs take better advantage of lower-grade waste heat than S&Ts. And, they are easier to clean, take up less space and require lighter support structures. Multiple designs offer the versatility to answer your application needs.

PHE Applications

  • Biomass dryer heating banks
  • Batch hydrolysis vessel heating surfaces
  • Evaporator heating banks
  • Evaporator economizers
  • Economizing and heat recovery
  • Blow heat recovery
  • Yeast coolers
  • Beer/mash interchangers
  • Thermal control of fermentation
  • Vent condensers
  • Distillation column heating surfaces
  • Syrup condensers
  • Ethanol preheaters
  • Molecular sieve regeneration condensers
  • Anhydrous condensers and coolers

PLATECOIL® Prime Surface PHE Standard Range General Specifications

a Ratings offered as a general guide only. Certain combinations of physical and fluid properties may affect individual product specifications. Contact the factory with your specific application data.

b Higher performance materials are available.

PLATECOIL® Prime Surface

  • Panels can be formed into vessel shells or jackets 
  • Pre-engineered bank modules include piping, supporting structure and manifolds
  • Configurations for steam applications offer high flow rates and low pressure drop
  • Liquid types accommodate maximum velocities and high heat transfer capabilities at low-to-moderate flow rates

PLATECOIL® Prime Surface HE banks

  • Highly efficient in tank heating/cooling and flue gas cooling/heat recovery.
  • Proven in pond geothermal heating/cooling service.
  • Formable into banks, vessel shells or jackets.

Acid Hydrolysis Cellulosic Cooking

Heated vessels in this continuous process can be fabricated using PLATECOIL® heating banks as immersion heaters. These include both first- and second-stage hydrolysis vessels and the acid reconcentrator tower. PLATECOIL® banks can also be configured as air heaters in systems such as the biomass dryer.

PLATECOIL® banks find widespread use in tank heating, flue gas cooling and heat recovery.