Maxchanger ®

MAXCHANGER® - The Design Engineer’s Friend

MAXCHANGER® single- and multiple-pass designs fit virtually any application requirement. The MAXCHANGER all-welded plate heat exchanger offers higher performance, in less space, at a lower cost. The unique geometry of the patented MAXCHANGER’s variable interspaces produce extremely high “U” values. Channels formed between the specially dimpled, welded plates direct the two heat transfer media counter currently through alternate paths for maximum efficiency, immediate thermal response and a close temperature approach capability of less than 1°C (2°F).

Constructed for Long Life Cycles

The 1-mm (0.039-in.) thick dimpled heat exchanger plates are sandwiched between top and bottom plates specified to withstand the design pressure. Special spacers separate the plates, isolating the channels and establishing countercurrent flow. Four corner angles (or half-pipes) are welded to side plates, top and bottom plates and to the heat exchange plate points, forming inlet and outlet headers.

The corner angle fittings or corner half-pipe fittings, enable inlets and outlets—NPT or flanged—to be located in any number of configurations for maximum flexibility in tight spaces.

This exploded view of the welded MAXCHANGER® unit shows the large number of dimpled contact points that provide maximum pressure resistance and heat transfer.

MAXCHANGER® can achieve an extremely close temperature approach of less than 1°C (2°F).


Chemical Processing And Pharmaceuticals

• Optimization of condensation, heating/cooling, mist elimination, heat recovery and reboiling systems

• Evaporation, distillation and condensation of substituted olefins and aromatics, including halogenated compounds

• Thermal processing involving mineral acids and caustics

• Viscous processing with monomers and resins 

• Soaps and detergents, paints and coatings

• Mineral oil heating and cooling

• Gas cooling and drying: chlorine, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide

• Vapor and solvent recovery

HVAC And District Heating

• Steam and hot water heaters

• Heat recovery exchangers

• High temperature interchangers

• Water/glycol-cooled oil coolers

• Discharge gas desuperheaters for heat recovery


• Flooded evaporators with surge drum, condensers, chillers

• Liquid chillers for flooded evaporation

• Flooded evaporators with pumped refrigerant feed

• Liquid-cooled condensers

• Cascade CO2 condensers for flooded ammonia and other refrigerants

• Thermosyphon oil coolers

• Oil coolers and condensate subcoolers for flooded evaporation

Oil & Gas Production And Refining

• Optimization of heat recovery, cooling, condensation, dehydration and reboiling systems

• Distillation column exchangers: fractionators, hydrocrackers, recrackers and hydrogen sulfide strippers

• Waste heat recovery and feed water heating 

• LPG reliquefaction

Emissions Control Systems

• Ammonia liquor scrubber coolers

• Flue gas heat recovery banks

• Flue gas reheating banks

• Mist elimination banks

Food Processing

• Vegetable oil heating

• Waste heat recovery

Power Generation

• Low pressure feedwater heaters

• Condensate exchangers and condensate trim coolers

• Blowdown heat recovery exchangers

• Condensers and vapor condensers

• Condensate subcoolers

• Evaporators

• Molten salt to thermal fluid interchangers

• Seal water coolers

• Closed cooling loop exchangers

• Component cooling water (CCW) exchangers

• Lube oil coolers

• Gland steam condensers

• Recuperators

• Economizers

• HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) cross exchangers