General Industrial

Delta T Thermal Solutions provide Prime Surface and Welded heat exchangers that meet the demands for a variety of industrial applications. PLATECOIL®, MAXCHANGER® and ECONOCOIL® provide strong resistance from corrosive media, two-phase mixtures, extreme pressures, and intense temperatures. Furthermore, these heat exchangers can be exceptionally compact. Delta T offers all major calculations and stability analysis types, including motion, wind, seismic, nozzle, and finite element analysis calculations if required.


MAXCHANGER® gives you shell & tube performance under these demanding conditions for a fraction of the installed mass and footprint. Furthermore, the nozzle configuration flexibility further enhances its space efficiency. While limited to nozzles on the front (or back) plates alone, MAXCHANGER® nozzles can be configured on the front, back, either side, and top or bottom— even at the corners—thanks to the way the channels are formed. These space-saving benefits can help design engineers optimize the overall system footprint. In addition, with MAXCHANGER® durability, the unit will often outlive the system service life, eliminating the need for service access for an additional space-saving benefit.


PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Heat Exchangers combine flexibility and functionality to deliver more efficient, economical, and uniform heating and cooling to any application. Backed by ISO 9001-certified design and manufacturing processes, these highly versatile HEs adhere to the industry’s highest standards for design, manufacture, and testing. And with success stories spanning 60-plus years, PLATECOIL®’s versatility finds its way into new applications and industries each year. Tranter is the prime surface engineering specialist. Our designers, engineers, and tool and die specialists apply expertise to both one-off, special fabrications, and high-volume engineered subsystems. So no matter your market, application, or process, if inefficient heat transfer is costing you time, money and energy, it’s time to reshape your future with a PLATECOIL® solution.