The Original 60N PLATECOIL®

For over 50 years, The Original 60N PLATECOIL®, manufactured by Delta T Thermal Solutions, has performed efficiently in TEG Dehydrator Rich/Lean Glycol service.


The reason for this track record of – efficiency. The 60N PLATECOILS’ novel construction is the key to this efficiency. Carbon steel materials and die-formed fluid passages have a higher U value than stainless steel pillow-style competitors. This translates to more heat transfer per square foot (sq ft).


Availability: Delta T Thermal Solutions stocks several sizes of the 60N for 48-hour delivery.

Specify the one that works! The Original 60N PLATECOIL is manufactured by Delta T Thermal Solutions, with its proven performance history. 


The Original 60N PLATECOIL, Proven, Efficient, Available.


Often imitated, never duplicated.

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