Quick Ship Program   ̶ PLATECOIL® and ECONOCOIL® by Delta T Thermal Solutions

Allowing Customer to Keep Production Flowing

April 4, 2023

(Wichita Falls, TX) Delta T Thermal Solutions launched its PLATECOIL® and ECONOCOIL® Quick Ship Program in the fall of 2022! Scott Poenitzsch, President of Delta T Thermal Solutions, shared one of the reasons why the company started this program. “Many manufacturers in the heat exchange industry are backlogged, causing customers to wait extended periods, thereby affecting profits for the customers. We launched our quick ship program to help customers who need quick turnarounds. As a result, customers are taking advantage of quickly receiving prime surface heat exchangers and getting their factory process back in operation.”

High-quality, engineer-proven designs in a wide range of styles and materials are what Delta T offers! Additionally, this company offers flexibility to your heat exchanger needs and provides a fast turnaround time to keep or get your processes back on track. Delta T’s fantastic team will customize the Quick Ship PLATECOIL or ECONOCOIL to your connection details. Also, they’ll place the mounting hardware where required, all within 48 hours of your order placement!

Delta T Thermal Solutions understands the fast pace of your business, and we’re here to assist with all your heat exchanger problems.

PLATECOIL® and ECONOCOIL® Quick Ship Program! Ships in 48 hours!

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